Saturday, January 10, 2009

WILD FLOWER - by Annette Jackson

When someone special is brought into my life, I love to share their talent with others. I recently had the good fortune of this artist walking into my life and she is loaded with talent. Every so often I'll be posting one of her paintings with a little info about her inspiration for each one. Hope you enjoy these as much I as do. If you would like info about this painting, send me an email or leave a comment.

Her inspiration...
This flower I named "Wild Flower" because it's so expressive in its natural colors and size! It reminds me of a woman that has a free spirit that can be detected through her eyes, color choices, words and actions – Simply a Naturally Beautiful Woman; aka, "Wild Flower". This is a watercolor painting created based on a photo – I used Winsor & Newton colors; Deep Red; Permanent Alizarin Crimson; Alizarin Crimson; New Gamboge; Yellow Ochre; Hookers Green, Sap Green, and shades of browns. I've loved color and art since I was a kid; as a teenager I worked after school at an Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA called Brockman's Gallery; also painted abstracts on my walls at home. As time moved on family, corporate work, along with other things came along and I got away from the thing that I loved. Two years ago, I was at a different place in my life and I needed to find something that I could loose myself in – I thought about it, and prayed about it–and decided to take a watercolor painting class; it's been history since then – I renewed my passion for the world of color and artistic expression; in particular, watercolor painting. My journey continues and I'm sure I will continue to delve into the other mediums as I become closer to myself and the need to express through the Art mediums.

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