Sunday, November 23, 2008


My name is Mara Franklin, and I'm the owner, designer and seamstress behind my company, Indiscretion. When I went away to college, I originally wanted to start in a fashion design program. I ended up in the art department instead, earning a BFA in Jewelry/Metalsmithing, and a BFA in Art History from the U of I in Champaign. I then attended NYU for their Costume Studies/Decorative Arts graduate program. I worked in different museums handling their textile and clothing collections, but I really wanted to make them myself! To give my desire an outlet, I'd create clothing and accessories, only to hoard them or give them to friends and relatives. A really close friend suggested I sell my unusual style online (as I was too shy to approach any local stores), and that was back in December 2005. I started with some handmade vintage style hats on eBay, and branched out from there.I now have two different clothing/accessory lines on Etsy: Indiscretion - Street Couture, and Haute Indiscretion, a more formal/dark side of my designs. I absolutely love what I do!

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