Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Favorite NEW Restaurant

The WILD ROSEMARY in Scott Twp., Pittsburgh, Pa. When I was raising my family the building was a ice cream shop that we would take the kids to after a T-Ball game. Now it has morphed into my perfect idea of a restaurant. Wear your favorite jeans and top, linen table clothes, silver sugar and creamer, bring your own wine, AND ABOVE ALL the most wonderful food. The available seating is for only about 16 people so reservations are important. The exterior draws you in with the wonderful Italian type urns of rosemary flanking both sides of the building and the 3 tall glass vases topped with clay crocks of ...what else but ....rosemary in the window. I'll be going tomorrow for lunch and hopefully will be able to take some pictures to show you what I'm babbling about. So check back tomorrow for the photos. If you happen to live in the 'BURG, look them up and tell them RoomThreads sent you. At which point, they will look at you like you had two, maybe, three heads. But do put it on your list of restaurants to visit when in Pittsburgh.

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