Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wine Find

I don't know much about wines other than what tastes good to me. And Rosemont Estates happens to be one of those wines. It doesn't matter if it is a red or white that you like, Rosemont Estate has a great selection. What I like best are the number of blends that they offer. One of my favorites is Traminer Riesling. AND BEST OF ALL no headache from it. Couldn't begin to describe it so below you'll find a market description......

Traminer Riesling a delicious blend of two of the world's most expressive and flavoursome grape varieties. Traminer - also known as Gewurztraminer - has a spicy, tropical fruit aroma reminiscent of lychees and exotic scent, with a generous, soft palate. The Riesling component adds elegance to the finish, with lifted, floral flavours and a fine acidity which balances the wine to perfection.
A pale straw colour with a light green hue. The Traminer has spicy, tropical fruit aromas reminiscent of lychees, whilst the Riesling adds elegance and lifted floral characters. The palate displays well balanced proportions of sweetness and acidity, with a clean and crisp finish.
So go out today and pick up a bottle and let me know if you like it.

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