Monday, November 17, 2008

White Wine - Chardonnay

The other night we enjoyed a dinner during "Restaurant Week" in Pittburgh and were introduced to a very nice chardonnay. Chardonnay is never my first choice and fortunately, because it was a "restaurant week" dinner, I did not have a choice of what wine I wanted with my dinner. The wine choice came with the meal and I'm very glad it did. I loved it. I had asked to the waiter for the name of the wine and he in turn sent the sommelier to our table. The sommelier was very gracious and so happy to tell us all about the wine and why it was different than most.

Once the grapes are soft-pressed, 40% of the juice is drawn off and fermented in oak wine barrells for 4-5 months then reunited with the stainless steel-fermented portion. The touch of oak created a smoother chardonnay. The price is reasonable.....approx. $12.00.

My dinner was an appetizer of squash ravioli and a main course of quail.

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